• The policy only applies to swimwear products.
  • Size changing fee will be supported by Tropic Fish 50% with invoice over 300.000VND.
  • Only exchange in case the size does not fit.
  • Does not apply to cases of change of color, pattern, style…

Note: Tropic Fish does not refund the excess amount, this difference will be deducted from the orders at the next purchase.

  • Swim diapers products Tropic Fish don’t support return or exchange

    Conditions for change

    • Exchange products within 14 days of purchase.
    • The product has not been used, with stamps and labels intact. Tropic Fish reserve the right not to accept exchange if product is damaged.

    Regulations for exchange

    • Step 1: Contact Hotline / Zalo directly: (+84) 89 88 77 025 or via Email: for product information to be changed.
    • Step 2: Tropic Fish checks and confirms the products to be exchanged.
    • Step 3: Customers send products to be changed to Tropic Fish and pay one-way shipping fees.
    • Step 4: After Tropic Fish receives the product and checks, Tropic Fish will proceed to send new products to customers and pay the shipping fee.


    Support ship fee for baby size change and product warranty after receipt of goods if defective fabric / seam / zipper will apply 1 exchange 1. Provided the product still has stamps, invoices and has not been used.