1. How do I place an order?
Ordering at tropicfish.vn should be an easy process, just choose your style and size, add it to your cart and then proceed to checkout. If you have any problems along the way please send us an email to order@tropicfish.net or call us on (+84) 89 88 77 025.

2. What payment ways do you have?

We are unable to accept checks or credit vouchers. We do accept the following credit cards:
– Visa
– MasterCard
Please note that all pricing is in VNĐ 
If we are unable to process your credit card, please check to ensure you entered the correct card number and expiration date, and that the billing name and address you entered match your credit card statement exactly. Please refer to your credit card company if the problem persists.

3. Is your website safe / secure?

At tropicfish.vn we don’t just stand behind our merchandise. We also do our best to provide a safe and convenient online shopping experience. If you’re not quite comfortable shopping online, or would prefer to make your purchase via telephone, just give us a call at (+84) 89 88 77 025. We will be happy to take your tropicfish.net order right over the phone. Security is top of the list for purchasing on line and this is very important for Tropic Fish, we want you to feel completely safe and secure using our payment facilities. 

4. Do you ship to foreign countries?

Yes we do ship outside of the Viet Nam, we will let you know the ship fee after receiving your order. Shipping can take up to 14 working days Tropic Fish does not take any responsibility or pay for any duties or taxes put on at the destination country, any order over $200 can be charged duties by the incoming country – this is the responsibility of the customer to pay.

5. What is the best way to care for my Tropic Fish swimwears?

– Rinse in cold water after use especially if you have been in a pool with chlorine
– Hand Wash separately in cold water
elicate detergent – please check that no bleach is in the washing powder as this can damage your item
– If you wash in a machine – ideally do not use the spin cycle to prevent stretching and thinning
– Drip Dry in the Shade
– Do not Tumble Dry
– Some colors may fade in the sunlight and chlorinated water
– We use the best dyes available, however we cannot guarantee complete color fastness on some fashion colors.
– Avoid excessive amounts of sunblock. Some discoloration or “yellowing” can occur if certain sunscreens come into contact with white fabric.
– Avoid use in heated pools and spas.

6. How does the fabric get the sun protection in it?

Tropic Fish swimwear provide an UPF of 50+ which is about as high as it goes. What makes the fabric provide sun protection is due to the fabric itself – the denser the weave of the fabric, the more sun protection it offers. Other factors such as color, and whether the fabric is wet or dry also play a part in the sun protection, but all Tropic Fish swimwear whatever the color, wet or dry blocks 98% of all harmful rays. So you can rest assured you children will not be getting sun burnt whilst wearing Tropic Fish.